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Kids Activities

 kids activitiesKids activities for children, tweens and teenagers in the Outer Banks

When visitors to Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, or Nags Head bring their children to the Outer Banks Of North Carolina, the need to provide things for them to do becomes a factor. Finding kids activities for the rainy or cloudy day is the difference between sitting in the beach rental in misery or enjoying time doing other things besides the beach.  Entertaining children of any age can often be a challenge on vacation. Even in a place as robust as the OBX with history, activities, food, and amusements, kids can get bored. They have a natural need to be more active than adults and as parents we need to have activities for our kids lined up.

If you don’t keep them busy they will keep you busy

So what are some things you can do with your children. Well I could go over the usual things like:

  • Visit the sand dunes
  • Drive bumper boats
  • Visit the Aquarium
  • Go see the wild horses
  • Go to the outlets
  • Visit the lighthouse
  • Watch television
  • Search for souvenirs

These are all great but why not do something with arts and crafts to keep them busy but without the mess of doing it in the rental.

Things to do: Sand Art

Some of the things you can do and at our Life on a Sandbar store in the Outer Banks are create sand art sculptures. These sand crafts include various shapes, shells, and other artistic items that become a permanent souvenir of the Outer Banks.

A Break For The Parents

It also gives the parents a break since the kids are able to use their hands and do something to focus their energy which can be a real blessing for mom and dad. Figure on about 30 minutes to an hour and a half to create a beautiful sand sculpture made with real Outer Banks sand that you can take home as a Memento of your Outer Banks location.

Kids activities for a rainy day

Heaven forbid it’s a cloudy or rainy day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For parents a feeling of real fear comes over you as you realize you have kids with nothing to do. Come to our store right across from Jockeys Ridge in Nags head. Our store allows children of all ages and even adults to create send souvenirs or sand art with different shapes. Shapes like a school or a shell or mermaid or all possible things that you can form into something permanent. They also can be a great holiday gift from the kids to Grandma and Grandpa.

Braids For Kids and Tattoos

Also in addition to that your girls are teenage girls can have their hair braided or have hair wraps or colored braids put into their hair. This too takes a little time but is also a nice activity in the sense it does take a lot of time and has been very popular with young people.  On top of that you can also get a temporary tattoo which could be a lot of fun for kids.

Things For Kids To Do

So just to reiterate what you can do with kids on a rainy day in the Outer Banks at Life On A Sandbar

  • Sand art
  • Braids
  • Hair wraps
  • Temporary tattoos or henna tattoos

Outer Banks Location

here is our location in the Outer Banks for Kids Activities and Things to do.

 Kid activities and offerings

sand art pictures

kids activities

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