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Get in contact today to either just enquire about your next trip down to Nags Head to see what we can do for you! Or get in touch to see how much fun it can be for the children and parents getting us involved at your next party!
$6 per braid, to half crown
$10 per braid, all the way down
Most common is 4 on the side which would be $24

Hair wraps
$2-$4 per inch, depending on which design you choose. We measure the length of your hair, either on top or underneath.

Sand art- decorate your own and create memories.
Starts at $16, we have 3 designs at that price. Most of the other popular designs are $22 each. Then a few more go up in price from there. It takes about 10 minutes to make, and an hour to cure or a little longer if you make a big design.

Stepping stones
$31 each. You can put a child's hand print or a small foot print in the design. Great for the garden. You can take these home right away.

Hand prints
$16 each. Ready to take right away. Then you can hang these on your wall at home.

Fairy hair
5 piece are $22,
10 pieces are $39

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