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Outer Banks Hair Wraps

Hair wraps obx Hair Wraps in the Outer Banks

Maximizing your hair style with braids or hair wraps can be fun.Both look great and are a great fashion accessory for you to have on your Outer Banks Trip. Hair wraps offers some unusual advantages though that are different than some other styles of braids.

Hair Wraps will last long after you have left the Outer Banks or Nags Head

If properly cared for a hair wrap can last for months. In some cases a whole year. That means you can have it as a regular style if you like it. The great thing is there is no commitment. If you want to change it, you can wash it out the next day or when you leave the beach. This flexibility makes this very popular among Nags Head, Corolla, Duck, and Kitty Hawk visitors.

Hair Wrap Options

Go Rasta. The Hair Wrap options come in five different colors. The design gives you a bright Caribbean Rasta feel to the braids with the traditional green, red, and yellow colors standing out.

How to remove the Hair Wraps

Say you want to move on from the hair wrap braid style. The procedure to remove them is very simple:

1. Cut between the beads and knot
2. Proceed to unwind the braids
3. And your done!

Come visit us in Nags Head or Corolla

We have hair wrap and braid stores in both locations

Nags Head Location and Area

Nags head/ Kitty Hawk Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (next to Kitty Hawk Kites/ across from Jockey’s Ridge)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
telephone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla/ Duck Location and Area

Corolla Duck Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (in the blue kiosk next to the pizza place)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina

Braids: A fun way to spend an afternoon in the Outer Banks

Braids are an excellent way to do something a little different on your beach trip to the Outer Banks. Combining self expression with just plain fun, hair braids can be as unique as you are. At Life on a Sandbar there are a number of options for you to do.

Outer Banks Braids Braid Styles in OBX

Major braid styles

There are a few principle options you can choose when you are opting to braid your hair.

Feather Extension

One is a simple colored braid called the feather extension. This is a really fun, non committal way to have style without a drastic change to your hair

Corn Rows and Hair Wraps and more extensive styles

If you are looking for braids that are a little more prominent, then hair wraps and corn rows are a good choice. These are a great way to have a whole new style.

Hybrid Braid Styles

You can also do multiple variations on these styles. Some people have chosen to go with partial corn rows while leaving their current style in place.

Have questions about Braids?

Come visit us or give us a call at one of our two locations:

Nags Head, OBX location in the same building as Kitty Hawk Kites
Phone number :(252) 449-9066
3933 S Croatan Hwy,
Phone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla OBX Location in the blue Kiosk
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla,
telephone: (252)-453-0809