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Activities For Kids To Do

Looking for Activities For Your Kids In The Outer Banks?

If you have kids, whether you are visiting the Outer Banks or not, you know you are going to have to entertain them. Whether they are toddlers, pre teen, tweens, teenagers (and even sometimes adults) having things lined up to do can really reduce your stress level as a parent.

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Kids Activity Ideas

There are a lot of ways to keep kids busy. Here at Life On A Sandbar we have a number of things to occupy them including:

  • sand cast
  • sand art
  • braids
  • cornrows
  • henna
  • box braids
  • and more

These all have applications with different age groups which is perfect for grandparents or the modern family who may have children age 3 to 17.

Kids Activities By Age Group

Here is a basic match up of some things you can do for different age categories

  • Baby /girls and boys: beach memory hand cast
  • toddler boys/girls : Sandart
  • Children female pre teen: braids / henna tattoos
  • Teenagers: Female : henna tattoos/ braids


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Rainy Day or not we have lots for your kids to do!

Rainy Day or Any Day…Bring Your Kids Here!!!

Other kid activity information

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More things for kids in the OBX

Places for Kids Fun With Things To Do Rainy Day Or Sunny Day: Our Location

Babies First Trip To The Outer Banks

Baby Memories Outer Banks
Baby Memories in the Outer Banks


Baby memories in the outer banks

Is this your babies first trip to the Outer Banks, Nags Head, Duck,Kitty Hawk, or Corolla?

Why not preserve those happy times on the Outer Banks beaches with a permanent souvenir. Life on a Sandbar can preserve Toddler and infant hand prints in totally custom sandart.


Outer Banks Baby Sandart

Outer Banks Baby Sandart lets you add in all sorts of shapes, jewels, and shells to create something truly unique. It also makes a perfect gift!

baby memories corolla
Corolla Baby Memories