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Braids in Obx refers to braids and braid services in the Outer Banks including Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Corolla, Kitty Hawk, Duck, Southern Shores and Manteo.

Outer Banks Braids Directory

Looking for the best place to get braids. Check out our directory of

Outer Banks Braid Directory
Outer Banks Braids Article Directory

Outer Banks Braid articles. The articles feature some basic information about everything from single braids, to multi braid corn rows. The articles also show pics of the many styles you can choose from whether you are visiting the Duck or Corolla location or the Nags Head Kitty Hawk locale.

Braid Services in Corolla or Duck


Looking to get your hair braided in Corolla or Duck? Here is some basic information to keep in mind

Corolla Braids

Sideways Braid Styles in the Outer Banks

Outer Banks Braid Article Directory
Outer Banks Braid Articles


Come check out this alternative braiding style.

Sideways Braid Styles in the Outer Banks

Hair Wraps in the Outer Banks


Hair wraps are a popular option for braids.

Outer Banks Hair Wraps

Obx Braid Tips


Here are some simple braiding tips for you while you are visiting OBX

Styling With Braids

Tips For Braids in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Basic Outer Banks Braid Information


These articles cover a nice sampling of some of braid hair styles we encountered in the Outer Banks at our Corolla store, as well as our Nags Head Location.

Braids: Outer Banks Style!
Popular Outer Banks Braid Styles
Braids In The Outer Banks
Braids OBX
Braids: A fun way to spend an afternoon in the Outer Banks

Braid Styling Locations


Corolla (in the blue kiosk next to the pizza restaurant)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina

Nags head (next to Kitty Hawk Kites near Jockey’s Ridge)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
(252) 449-9066

An Outer Banks Original: Combining Corn Rows And Braids

outer banks braids and crown rows
braids and braid services in the Outer Banks

If You Can’t Decide Which Braid Style…Then Don’t..

Corn rows with braids gives you both styles fused together. If you want to integrate it into your current style, you can just get it done on one side, giving a very unique look that combines your current style with corn rows and braids.

Corn Rows and Braids

Going All Out with Braids in the OBX

The style you see here shows the fusion of the styles together. It is also the same hair style Bo Derek had in the movie “10”.

Easy to care for…

With the braid corn row combo style you do not have to brush your hair for three weeks. No worrying how to style your hair. The only thing you have to do is wash it.

The Final Touch

At the end of the braids you can make even more choices. You can use different colors for a fun beach look. You also have the option of using bands, if that is more your style



Braids: Outer Banks Style!

Braid Styles Outer Banks
Braid Styles in the Outer Banks

Here are 2 Outer Banks visitors that added their own touch to braids and extensions. These two visitors to Life on a Sandbar’s Nags Head Braiding location have a hair braid that is underneath their current style.

Braids with 3 Colors of Beads

This allows them to keep their current hair style yet still add some new (braiding) touches to it. The braid extension also allows some color coordination. Both ladies opted for 3 different colors of beads.


Very Sturdy for the Active Lifestyle

Another huge advantage of this style of braid is that it is perfect for the active person. Whether you are visiting one of the beaches in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills or Kitty Hawk or beyond, this braid can last a long time


In fact this could be one of your most lasting Outer Banks memories, both in photographs and for the time you take it home. Some of these braids can last up to a year! You also have the option to remove it if you want to much sooner, without it impacting your current style.

Multiple Braiding Styles Are Offered At Both Locations

Nags Head (252) 449-9066

Corolla (252)-453-0809

Corolla Braids

Corolla Braids
Corolla Braids in the Outer Banks

Summer in Corolla means it is time for braids. The question is, where do you go to get them done. There are also a host of questions that come with first time hair braiders, both in our Corolla location and our Nags Head location.

Corolla Braid Questions


Q. Do I have to get braids on my entire scalp?

A. No, many Outer Banks visitors at our Corolla location choose to add braids as part of their current style. Some combinations that allow this are to mix sideways braids or partial corn rows with an existing style.

Q. Where is your Corolla Braid shop located?

A. We are located on 807 Ocean Trail in Corolla. We are in the blue kiosk right next to the Tomato Patch Pizzeria on the corner of Albacore and Ocean Trail.

Q. Do I need a reservation for braids at your Corolla location?

A. No, just pop in during normal hours. It is first come first serve.
Come check us out!


Corolla Outer Banks Location in the blue Kiosk


Corolla Braid Services
Corolla braids are provided in the blue kiosk

(right next to Tomato Patch Pizzeria)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla,
telephone: (252)-453-0809

Sideways Braid Styles in the Outer Banks


braids obx outer banksSideways Braids in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX)

What are Sideways Braids

Braids really allow you to express your creativity. The different variations of braid styles allow people of all ages to have fun and express their individuality. One style that has become very popular is the sideways braid

The sideways braid is a hybrid of the cornrow style, except it is designed to work with other styles instead of being the dominant hair style. It also can be done in a myriad of ways.

Obx Braids North Carolina Obx Braids

The new trend in Braids

The sideways braid has been very popular here in the Outer Banks. In both the Corolla and Nags head Life on a Sandbar Braiding locations, you see this style quite often. Both younger girls and teenage girls choose this as their braiding selection, both on their Obx visit and when they go home.

Care and time for braids to last

If cared for properly, sideways braid styles can last up to 3 weeks. For the best way to care for this, and other styles of braids come visit one of the two Life on a Sandbar braiding locations in the Outer Banks:

Corolla Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (in the blue kiosk next to the pizza restaurant)

807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina
phone: (252)-453-0809

Kill Devil Hills/Nags head/ Kitty Hawk Hair Braiding by Life on a Sandbar (next to Kitty Hawk Kites near Jockey’s Ridge)

3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
phone:(252) 449-9066

Braids: A fun way to spend an afternoon in the Outer Banks

Braids are an excellent way to do something a little different on your beach trip to the Outer Banks. Combining self expression with just plain fun, hair braids can be as unique as you are. At Life on a Sandbar there are a number of options for you to do.

Outer Banks Braids Braid Styles in OBX

Major braid styles

There are a few principle options you can choose when you are opting to braid your hair.

Feather Extension

One is a simple colored braid called the feather extension. This is a really fun, non committal way to have style without a drastic change to your hair

Corn Rows and Hair Wraps and more extensive styles

If you are looking for braids that are a little more prominent, then hair wraps and corn rows are a good choice. These are a great way to have a whole new style.

Hybrid Braid Styles

You can also do multiple variations on these styles. Some people have chosen to go with partial corn rows while leaving their current style in place.

Have questions about Braids?

Come visit us or give us a call at one of our two locations:

Nags Head, OBX location in the same building as Kitty Hawk Kites
Phone number :(252) 449-9066
3933 S Croatan Hwy,
Phone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla OBX Location in the blue Kiosk
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla,
telephone: (252)-453-0809

OBX Braids

Braids OBX

Braids For the Whole Family

A trip to the Outer Banks would not be complete without the whole family getting braids. This family went all out. Mom got a feather extension. Big Sis got corn rows and braids. The younger sister got corn rows. Something for everyone!

Unique Corn Rows

The two ladies also opted for corn rows on one side. Just another way you can blend braids with different hair styles for a truly unique look. Life on a sandbar specializes in braid styles in the Outer Banks.

2 Places for Braids In The Outer Banks

With 2 locations, we can braid your hair, whether you are in Corolla, Duck, Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores or Kill Devil Hills. The only limit to what we can do is your creativity and imagination.


OBX Braids OBX Braids for the entire family.

Braid Services available in the Outer Banks

Nags Head/Kitty Hawk

Nags head/ Kitty Hawk Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (next to Kitty Hawk Kites/ across from Jockey’s Ridge)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC 27959
telephone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla/ Duck Area

Corolla Duck Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (in the blue kiosk)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina 27927