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Activities For Kids To Do

Looking for Activities For Your Kids In The Outer Banks?

If you have kids, whether you are visiting the Outer Banks or not, you know you are going to have to entertain them. Whether they are toddlers, pre teen, tweens, teenagers (and even sometimes adults) having things lined up to do can really reduce your stress level as a parent.

life on sandbar kids place

Kids Activity Ideas

There are a lot of ways to keep kids busy. Here at Life On A Sandbar we have a number of things to occupy them including:

  • sand cast
  • sand art
  • braids
  • cornrows
  • henna
  • box braids
  • and more

These all have applications with different age groups which is perfect for grandparents or the modern family who may have children age 3 to 17.

Kids Activities By Age Group

Here is a basic match up of some things you can do for different age categories

  • Baby /girls and boys: beach memory hand cast
  • toddler boys/girls : Sandart
  • Children female pre teen: braids / henna tattoos
  • Teenagers: Female : henna tattoos/ braids


kids activities
Rainy Day or not we have lots for your kids to do!

Rainy Day or Any Day…Bring Your Kids Here!!!

Other kid activity information

things for kids to do

More things for kids in the OBX

Places for Kids Fun With Things To Do Rainy Day Or Sunny Day: Our Location

kids activities

Kids Activities

 kids activitiesKids activities for children, tweens and teenagers in the Outer Banks

When visitors to Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Or Nags head bring their children to the Outer Banks Of North Carolina, the need to provide things for them to do becomes a factor. Finding kids activities for the rainy or cloudy day is the difference between sitting in the beach rental in misery or enjoying time doing other things besides the beach. Entertaining children of any age can often be a challenge on vacation. Even in a place as robust as the OBX with history, activities, food, and amusements.. Kids can get bored. They have a natural need to be more active than adults and as parents we need to have activities for our kids lined up.

If you don’t keep them busy they will keep you busy

So what are some things you can do with your children. Well I could go over the usual things like:

  • Visit the sand dunes
  • Drive bumper boats
  • Visit the Aquarium
  • Go see the wild horses
  • Go to the outlets
  • Visit the lighthouse
  • Watch television
  • Search for souvenirs

These are all great but why not do something with arts and crafts to keep them busy but without the mess of doing it in the rental.

Things to do: Sand art

Some of the things you can do and at our Life on the Sanborn store in the outer banks are create sand art sculptures. These Sand crafts include various shapes, shells, and other artistic items that become a permanent souvenir of the outer banks.

A Break For The Parents

It also gives the parents a break since the kids are able to use their hands and do something to focus their energy which can be a real blessing for mom and dad. Figure on about 30 minutes to an hour and a half to create a beautiful sand sculpture made with real Outer Banks sand that you can take home as Memento of your outer banks location.

Kids activities for a rainy day

Heaven forbid it’s a cloudy or rainy day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For parents a feeling of real fear comes over you as you realize you have kids with nothing to do. Come to our store right across from Jockeys Ridge in Nagshead. Our store allows children of all ages and even adults to create send souvenirs or sand art with different shapes. Shapes like a school or a shell or mermaid or all possible things that you can form into something permanent. They also can be a great holiday gift from the kids to Grandma and Grandpa.

Braids For Kids and Tattoos

Also addition to that your girls are teenage girls can have their hair braided or have hair wraps or colored braids put into their hair. This to takes a little time but is also a nice activity in the sense it does take a lot of time and has been very popular with young people. On top of that you can also get a temporary tattoo which could be a lot of fun for kids. I

Things For Kids To Do

So just to reiterate what you can do with kids on a rainy day in the Outer Banks at Life On A Sandbar

  • Sand art
  • Braids
  • Hair wraps
  • Temporary tattoos or henna tattoos

Outer Banks Location

here is our location in the Outer Banks for Kids Activities and Things to do.

Kid activities and offerings

sand art pictures

kids activities

Life on a Sandbar in the Outer Banks Offers Del Sol’s Color-Changing Technology!

Enjoy Del Sol Products In The Outer Banks

Del-Sol’s unique color-changing technology that you see in the Outer Banks is called Spectrachrome®. NASA originally discovered this advanced technology for space programs. Now, Del Sol is making this obtainable to everyone! The organic crystals used in Del Sol products, when exposed to sunlight (UV radiation), change color immediately. This one of a kind color changing technology is guaranteed for life! How dramatic the color change depends on the amount of the sun’s UV rays. Even on cloudy days, 80% of the sun’s UV rays still cross through the clouds, so don’t fear, color change is near!

#Outer #Banks #Del #Sol #store (obx)
#Outer #Banks #Del #Sol #store (obx)

It is a one of a kind technology. The OBX sun shines on Del Sol nails, shirts, or bags and the crystals react. This reaction is due to the Spectrachrome technology. Once the crystals react they change color.

Check out the infographic. It is a quick diagram of the technology you see here in the Outer Banks at Life On A Sandbar being used in Del Sol items.

The Perfect Outer Banks Souvenir

Whether the day you first arrive in the Outer Banks or the day you leave you have to have the perfect souvenir. You can go the route of the traditional t-shirt, or keychain. But why not get a Del Sol Outer Banks T-Shirt that changes in the sun. Or how about some Del Sol color changing polish for your fingers. Every time you are in the sun and they change color it is a fantastic reminder of the fun in the sun you had in the Outer Banks. Even in winter, when you are exposed to sunlight, you can get a “warm” feeling as the products change color and remind you of that warm fun summer day at the beach.

Life on a Sandbar offers Del Sol’s Color-Changing Nail Polish Collection.

Take nail art to the next level with Del Sol’s color changing nail polish collection. Why decide on just one color when you can have two! Choose from 23 different color combinations to spice up your manicure. All the Del Sol nail polishes are toluene-free. Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves on their vacation? These Del Sol color-changing nail polishes are fun and exciting for all ages. But how does it change color? Del Sol’s Spectrachrome® Technology, harnesses the UV power of the sun. NASA originally explored the technology for a unique space program and well Del Sol enriched it for all. The Spectrachrome® Technology doesn’t actually “change” the color. The bandwidths that make different colors appear just becomes visible to the human eye.

Out of this world nail colors

Life on a Sandbar in Nags Head and Corolla offers 9 out of this world

del sol nail polish outer banks
del sol nail polish outer banks

nail color styles including

  • Green Light, Red Light
  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Love Me For Me
  • Green With Envy
  • Glitz and Glam
  • I Believe in Pink
  • Get Your Pink On
  • VIP

One of a Kind Del Sol T-Shirts

Talk about an unforgettable vacation, so how about an unforgettable t-shirt to go with it? Be reminded of your glorious sunny days on the NC beaches with a t-shirt that changes color in the sun! Del Sol apparel is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Del Sol Disney T-Shirts:

How can anyone resist their favorite Disney character while watching them come to life in the blink of an eye with Del Sol’s Spectrachrome® Technology. What a cute gift for all ages ranging from babies to adults! Color changing Disney princesses, Mickey and Minnie’s, and iconic Disney characters from new and old.

Marvel Del Sol T-Shirts:

Bring your beloved Marvel characters to life with a color changing t-shirt. All the iconic superheroes can be worn in style with Del Sol’s color changing technology. It is like watching a comic book come to life right before your eyes when you step outside.

Find something that all ages can love and behold for a lifetime with Del Sol’s iconic apparel and accessories. It will truly be a trip you’ will never forget with a stellar tee to go alongside. Del Sol also offers a wide variety for everyone in the family. Life on a Sandbar is a one-stop-shop for all things Del Sol. Jewelry, key chains, flip-flops, hair accessories, nail polish, swimsuits, and t-shirts, what more could you ask for.

trip advisor certificate of excellence outer banks
trip advisor certificate of excellence outer banks—Trusted Source For Del Sol In The Outer Banks

Life on a Sandbar is a recipient of the prestigious Certificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor. Our track record speaks for itself.  We love our customers and it shows!

2 places you can get this technology in the Outer Banks From Life On A Sandbar

Nags Head Location For Del Sol Products

Corolla Location For Del Sol Products

Keep Your Outer Banks Family Memories With Sand Art

Use Sand Art to Make Your Baby’s First baby memories outer banksOuter Banks Beach Memories

Babies should learn to love the beach too, but first memories probably won’t be of sand and surf. If you want a keepsake for your little one to remember, come on over to Life on a Sandbar and check out our unique sand art. Your little one can make an art project that will bring joy for years to come.

A Rainy Outer Banks Day? No Problem!

Beach vacationers don’t have control of the weather, and that is why we are more than just a retail store providing what you need for a sunny day at the beach. We also offer fun activities for families indoors for when the weather refuses to cooperate with your vacation plans.

Infants may not have enough hair to get hair wraps and braids yet, but there are plenty of other enjoyable activities. Stepping stones and other forms of sand art are perfect for little ones because the texture of the sand and stones are perfect for tiny hands. The bright colors also attract a child’s attention.

Young Kids and Older Kids Love Arts and Craftssand art for kids outer banks

Even infants can create sand art by pressing their tiny hands into the sand. Hand or footprint art can also be colored with shells and stones, producing a family keepsake that will be enjoyed by all. Babies don’t stay little forever, but those hand or footprints will stay the same with time, making a perfect memory for mom or perhaps grandma.

Whether you need a place to get out of the rain or just want to drop in to create your keepsake, Life on a Sandbar is your Outer Banks destination. And don’t forget to bring the older kids in for hair braids and wraps that can add a touch of style to your coastal getaway.

What About Toddlers..

Entertaining a toddler, even in a town overflowing with fun like the crafts for toddlers in the outer banksOuter Banks can sometimes present a challenge. Bring them to Life on a Sandbar in Nags Head and entertain them for a while. At our toddler friendly environment, your boy or girl can make sand art or wood art creations. Beads, shells, and sounds stimulate their imagination. And most importantly, it keeps those little hands busy doing something constructive.

Dog Art in the Outer Banks?

Maybe the family dog is with you. Dogs love to go places, but not many places will accommodate them. We have things for them to in our Corolla or Nags Head locations. We can braid your pooch’s hair. They can make dog art with their paw. If you want something more elaborate we can take a cast of the dogs paw as a fun reminder of the trip the ENTIRE family made to the Outer Banks

trip advisor certificate of excellence outer banksTrip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Don’t take our word for it. We have received the 2016 Trip Advisor Certificate Of Excellence. This is the second year in a row we have received this and we are proud. We are also grateful to the hundreds of families which come back year after year because they, like Trip Advisor, know they can trust us.

Kids Day

Entertain the whole family, girls, boys, toddler, tweens, and teenagers for hours on kids day. Kids day is sponsored by our Nags Head suite mate Kitty Hawk Kites and is a day of fun right next to Life on a Sandbar. Between their activities and ours, you can entertain the whole family.

Our Locations

Nags Head: Next To Kitty Hawk Kites on the 2nd Floor

Corolla Outdoor Blue Kiosk in front of Lighthouse Bagel in Monterey Plaza (next to the Tomato Patch)


Check out some of the fun things the entire family can do at Life on a Sandbar.

Tips For Keeping Kids Busy On Rainy Outer Banks Days

kids and toddler activities outer banksNo parent wants to think about it, the rainy day in the Outer Banks and the strain to find something for your kids to do. Here are some tips to keep those little ones busy and in the process, preserving your sanity as parents.

Anyone who has children will know that I really am not kidding. You need to have things to do or your kids will keep YOU very very busy.


Things For Smaller Kids To Do In The Outer Banks

For smaller Kids or children the Outer Banks Children’s museum might be the perfect place to let off some steam.



Rainy Day Activities for Kids and Toddlers in Corolla

Corolla kids crafts
Corolla kids crafts for a rainy day

Looking for that rainy day activity for your kid or toddler while in Corolla? Weather not cooperating? Life on a Sandbar has lots to keep your children entertained. Here are a few categories of things to keep them busy when they are not on the beaches of Corolla, Duck, Or the Outer Banks.

Rainy Day Kids Activities
Rainy Day Kids Activities

Rainy Day Solution: Corolla Arts Crafts And

Sand Art

One of our favorite activities in our Monterey Plaza Corolla location is our Sand art, rainy day or not. Children or kids of all ages can combine shells, shapes, and add in materials that give each creation a unique look and feel. This gives your children a chance to express creativity and channel their energy into a project, which makes a great souvenir or gift.

Here are some of the different shapes they can make at our Corolla Kiosk:

Palm Tree
Stepping Stone
Hand print
Flip flop

For more information call or come visit us at our Corolla location

Corolla location

Corolla Life on a Sandbar (in Monterey Plaza, in the blue kiosk)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina 27927
telephone: (252)-453-0809

*look for The Tomato Patch Pizzeria..we are next door

Corolla’s Perfect gift for grandparents from your baby

Corolla baby memory
The perfect Corolla baby memory for the Grandparents.

It’s summer in the Outer Banks and the last thing you are thinking about is a Christmas or holiday gift of your babies hand or foot prints.

A baby hand print or foot print from Corolla’s Life on a Sandbar baby souvenir store offers an easy way to make a heart warming gift.

Using shells and stones your baby (or Toddler) will place their hands in the sand art mold. Once hardened you have captured this Corolla or Outer Banks beach memory forever. This makes a perfect gift for the grandparents for their birthday or Christmas.

Babies First Trip To The Outer Banks

Baby Memories Outer Banks
Baby Memories in the Outer Banks


Baby memories in the outer banks

Is this your babies first trip to the Outer Banks, Nags Head, Duck,Kitty Hawk, or Corolla?

Why not preserve those happy times on the Outer Banks beaches with a permanent souvenir. Life on a Sandbar can preserve Toddler and infant hand prints in totally custom sandart.


Outer Banks Baby Sandart

Outer Banks Baby Sandart lets you add in all sorts of shapes, jewels, and shells to create something truly unique. It also makes a perfect gift!

baby memories corolla
Corolla Baby Memories

Sand Art Fun For Corolla Kids

Corolla Kids Activities
Corolla Kids Activities

Let your Kid’s creativity loose with sand art fun in Corolla. The only limit is your child’s creativity. Whether it’s a rainy day on the Corolla Beaches or you just need a change of pace, Life on a Sandbar can occupy those small hands while they style a sand art creation of their choosing.

Sand Art Pirate For Kids In Corolla
Sand Art Pirate

Sand Art Pirate in Corolla

Here is a very creative kids creation. The pirate symbol is a fun sea theme that many children like to make. One neat thing here is the mouth part of the skull. Notice how this sprite used the shell for the teeth. Very creative.

Sand Art Creation For Kids
Sand Art Creation

So let the fun happen for your kids while in Corolla.

Come visit us at Life on a Sandbar. We have a Corolla location and a Nags Head location:

Corolla Location (Monterey Plaza)
(in the blue kiosk by Tomato Patch Pizzeria)
807 Ocean Trail , Corolla

Nags Head Location
(252) 449-9066

The Ultimate Outer Banks Disney Princess Souvenir

If you love the Disney Princesses you might be surprised to know they make a great Outer Banks souvenir or memory of your experience.

Disney Del Sol Princess Souvenirs
Disney Del Sol Princess Products

Disney Del Sol Products

Life on a Sandbar offers Del Sol Disney Shirts and bags right here in the Outer Bank at our Corolla and Nags Head locations. Del Sol Disney products come to life in the sunlight.

Disney Princess Souvenir

Starting black and white your Ariel Del Sol shirt will magically color in when exposed to the OBX sun! It is like two shirts in one. And Life on a Sandbar is the ONLY Del Sol dealer in the Outer Banks.

Shirts Disney Princess Del Sol
Disney Del Sol Princess Shirts

Disney Souvenirs available in the Outer Banks…..

So amp up your OBX T-shirt souvenir with your favorite Disney Princess.

Call us at one of our 2 locations or come give us a visit:

Corolla Location (in the blue kiosk by Tomato Patch Pizzeria)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina

Nags Head Location (in the same shopping center as Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
(252) 449-9066

Outer Banks Braids Directory

Looking for the best place to get braids. Check out our directory of

Outer Banks Braid Directory
Outer Banks Braids Article Directory

Outer Banks Braid articles. The articles feature some basic information about everything from single braids, to multi braid corn rows. The articles also show pics of the many styles you can choose from whether you are visiting the Duck or Corolla location or the Nags Head Kitty Hawk locale.

Braid Services in Corolla or Duck


Looking to get your hair braided in Corolla or Duck? Here is some basic information to keep in mind

Corolla Braids

Sideways Braid Styles in the Outer Banks

Outer Banks Braid Article Directory
Outer Banks Braid Articles


Come check out this alternative braiding style.

Sideways Braid Styles in the Outer Banks

Hair Wraps in the Outer Banks


Hair wraps are a popular option for braids.

Outer Banks Hair Wraps

Obx Braid Tips


Here are some simple braiding tips for you while you are visiting OBX

Styling With Braids

Tips For Braids in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Basic Outer Banks Braid Information


These articles cover a nice sampling of some of braid hair styles we encountered in the Outer Banks at our Corolla store, as well as our Nags Head Location.

Braids: Outer Banks Style!
Popular Outer Banks Braid Styles
Braids In The Outer Banks
Braids OBX
Braids: A fun way to spend an afternoon in the Outer Banks

Braid Styling Locations


Corolla (in the blue kiosk next to the pizza restaurant)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina

Nags head (next to Kitty Hawk Kites near Jockey’s Ridge)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
(252) 449-9066

Looking for the Perfect Outer Banks Souvenir?

souvenirs obx
Souvenirs from the Outer Banks

When in the Outer Banks you probably want a souvenir to remember your experience. You can always go the traditional route. There are OBX T-Shirts, cups, mugs, stickers and everything in between. I won’t even pretend to tell you that I don’t buy this stuff whenever I am in the Outer Banks.

That includes tacky restaurant shirts that I can take home and wear as workout clothes to torture the people around me. Think about it, what could be better for your motivation when you exercise than a picture of a John’s Drive In Shake. Ultimately, my real souvenir from John’s is probably around my waistline.

A Different Outer Banks Souvenir

Why not bring home an unusual spectacular souvenir that most people won’t have. A souvenir that you enjoyed WHILE you were in the Outer Banks. A souvenir you used while you walked the beaches of Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk and Nags Head. Well now you can.

Your Own Outer Banks Braid Creation

Why not get a custom braid style that you can take the OBX beach everyday. Braid styles can be integrated into your current style. You can:

• Choose multiple braid styles like corn rows
• Go with a single braid look
• A Braid with a decorative element like a colored braid
• Choose the position of the braid
• Now Take it Home

Then wear your braid style home! Show your friends back at school and home how much fun you had with a Caribbean braid style on the Corolla, Nags Head and Outer Banks Beaches.

Where to get your Braid Souvenir

If you are in the Corolla Duck area we are at the corner of Albacore and Ocean Trail. Just look for the Blue Kiosk next to the Tomato Patch Pizza Restaurant. Or call 252-453-0809

Corolla Souvenir


outer banks braid locations
braid locations outer banks

Every year many people pile in their car and go to a souvenir shop to get a t-shirt, souvenir mug, or some other novelty. Why not get a special souvenir from our Life on a Sandbar Kiosk near the corner of Albacore and Ocean trial (next to Tomato Patch).

Some of the incredible souvenirs you can get to take back from Corolla are:

Braids (of course)

Sand art

Hair Wraps

Corn rows

Color Changing Del Sol products

Del Sol Disney products

Del Sol Marvel products

Del Sol nail polish



 Outer Banks Souvenirs and Braids at Life on a Sandbar

In the blue kiosk next to the pizza restaurant) 807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina


An Outer Banks Original: Combining Corn Rows And Braids

outer banks braids and crown rows
braids and braid services in the Outer Banks

If You Can’t Decide Which Braid Style…Then Don’t..

Corn rows with braids gives you both styles fused together. If you want to integrate it into your current style, you can just get it done on one side, giving a very unique look that combines your current style with corn rows and braids.

Corn Rows and Braids

Going All Out with Braids in the OBX

The style you see here shows the fusion of the styles together. It is also the same hair style Bo Derek had in the movie “10”.

Easy to care for…

With the braid corn row combo style you do not have to brush your hair for three weeks. No worrying how to style your hair. The only thing you have to do is wash it.

The Final Touch

At the end of the braids you can make even more choices. You can use different colors for a fun beach look. You also have the option of using bands, if that is more your style



Braids: Outer Banks Style!

Braid Styles Outer Banks
Braid Styles in the Outer Banks

Here are 2 Outer Banks visitors that added their own touch to braids and extensions. These two visitors to Life on a Sandbar’s Nags Head Braiding location have a hair braid that is underneath their current style.

Braids with 3 Colors of Beads

This allows them to keep their current hair style yet still add some new (braiding) touches to it. The braid extension also allows some color coordination. Both ladies opted for 3 different colors of beads.


Very Sturdy for the Active Lifestyle

Another huge advantage of this style of braid is that it is perfect for the active person. Whether you are visiting one of the beaches in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills or Kitty Hawk or beyond, this braid can last a long time


In fact this could be one of your most lasting Outer Banks memories, both in photographs and for the time you take it home. Some of these braids can last up to a year! You also have the option to remove it if you want to much sooner, without it impacting your current style.

Multiple Braiding Styles Are Offered At Both Locations

Nags Head (252) 449-9066

Corolla (252)-453-0809

Corolla Kids Activities

corolla kids
Kids Activities in Corolla.

Corolla in the Outer Banks offers lots of different things for kids to do.  At Life on a Sandbar in Corolla, there are a number of really fun and interesting ways to entertain children of all ages. Here is a breakdown of some things we offer:

Corolla Baby or Toddler

What better way to remember baby’s first Corolla beach trip than with hand prints immortalized in a sand stepping stone. This sand art project is both fun and makes a great souvenir for the grandparents.

Outer Banks baby memories
Baby Memories in the Outer Banks

Corolla Kids

From Toddlers to bigger kids, sand art offers a way for children to express their creativity. Sand art allows children to add shells and shapes into permanent sand art shapes. This is a great afternoon activity if you are in Corolla.

Corolla sand art for kids
Corolla Kids Activities and Sand art

Corolla Preteen Activities

Corolla Preteens might still enjoy sand art, but one thing Life on a Sandbar can offer that many of them enjoy, is our braids and temporary henna tattoos. Braids are very popular among young girls as a great summer or beach style.

For the boys, why not a non permanent Henna tattoo. This is something fun and unique they can enjoy, but not regret for the rest of their life. There are also Marvel Avenger Products that change color in the sun which is a fun Corolla or Outer Banks beach activity.

Now come bring your children to Life on a Sandbar on 807 Ocean Trail in Corolla. Located in the blue kiosk next to the Tomato Patch Pizzeria

Corolla Braids

Corolla Braids
Corolla Braids in the Outer Banks

Summer in Corolla means it is time for braids. The question is, where do you go to get them done. There are also a host of questions that come with first time hair braiders, both in our Corolla location and our Nags Head location.

Corolla Braid Questions


Q. Do I have to get braids on my entire scalp?

A. No, many Outer Banks visitors at our Corolla location choose to add braids as part of their current style. Some combinations that allow this are to mix sideways braids or partial corn rows with an existing style.

Q. Where is your Corolla Braid shop located?

A. We are located on 807 Ocean Trail in Corolla. We are in the blue kiosk right next to the Tomato Patch Pizzeria on the corner of Albacore and Ocean Trail.

Q. Do I need a reservation for braids at your Corolla location?

A. No, just pop in during normal hours. It is first come first serve.
Come check us out!


Corolla Outer Banks Location in the blue Kiosk


Corolla Braid Services
Corolla braids are provided in the blue kiosk

(right next to Tomato Patch Pizzeria)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla,
telephone: (252)-453-0809

Popular Outer Banks Braid Styles

braids outer banks
Outer Banks braids come in many styles


When asked what is the most popular style of braid by Outer Banks visitors it is hard to say. Everyone is a little different and the selected look changes often as fashion changes. There are braid trends that come up a lot which include:

Traditional braids
Sideways braids
Feather extension
Hair waps
And of course Corn Rows!

Corn Row: Another hot braiding style

braids outer banks
Multiple Braid Styles

Corn Rows are a very popular style at the Corolla and Nags Head locations of Braids by Life on a Sandbar. While there is a traditional way to wear corn rows, there are other ways to wear it.
Sideways Cornrow Braids

The sideways cornrow braid gives you a fusion of a number of styles. It allows you to mix a set number of braids with your existing style. Most women get between 4 or 5 braids on one side. Regardless it can breathe new life into your regular hair style without a lot of effort

Making The Sideways Cornrows Last

Life on a Sandbar will help you find the right braiding style for you and will give you instructions on how to care for it. Come visit us in one of our two locations:

Corolla (in the blue kiosk next to the pizza restaurant)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina

Nags head (next to Kitty Hawk Kites near Jockey’s Ridge)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
(252) 449-9066

Sideways Braid Styles in the Outer Banks


braids obx outer banksSideways Braids in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX)

What are Sideways Braids

Braids really allow you to express your creativity. The different variations of braid styles allow people of all ages to have fun and express their individuality. One style that has become very popular is the sideways braid

The sideways braid is a hybrid of the cornrow style, except it is designed to work with other styles instead of being the dominant hair style. It also can be done in a myriad of ways.

Obx Braids North Carolina Obx Braids

The new trend in Braids

The sideways braid has been very popular here in the Outer Banks. In both the Corolla and Nags head Life on a Sandbar Braiding locations, you see this style quite often. Both younger girls and teenage girls choose this as their braiding selection, both on their Obx visit and when they go home.

Care and time for braids to last

If cared for properly, sideways braid styles can last up to 3 weeks. For the best way to care for this, and other styles of braids come visit one of the two Life on a Sandbar braiding locations in the Outer Banks:

Corolla Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (in the blue kiosk next to the pizza restaurant)

807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina
phone: (252)-453-0809

Kill Devil Hills/Nags head/ Kitty Hawk Hair Braiding by Life on a Sandbar (next to Kitty Hawk Kites near Jockey’s Ridge)

3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
phone:(252) 449-9066

Outer Banks Hair Wraps

Hair wraps obx Hair Wraps in the Outer Banks

Maximizing your hair style with braids or hair wraps can be fun.Both look great and are a great fashion accessory for you to have on your Outer Banks Trip. Hair wraps offers some unusual advantages though that are different than some other styles of braids.

Hair Wraps will last long after you have left the Outer Banks or Nags Head

If properly cared for a hair wrap can last for months. In some cases a whole year. That means you can have it as a regular style if you like it. The great thing is there is no commitment. If you want to change it, you can wash it out the next day or when you leave the beach. This flexibility makes this very popular among Nags Head, Corolla, Duck, and Kitty Hawk visitors.

Hair Wrap Options

Go Rasta. The Hair Wrap options come in five different colors. The design gives you a bright Caribbean Rasta feel to the braids with the traditional green, red, and yellow colors standing out.

How to remove the Hair Wraps

Say you want to move on from the hair wrap braid style. The procedure to remove them is very simple:

1. Cut between the beads and knot
2. Proceed to unwind the braids
3. And your done!

Come visit us in Nags Head or Corolla

We have hair wrap and braid stores in both locations

Nags Head Location and Area

Nags head/ Kitty Hawk Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (next to Kitty Hawk Kites/ across from Jockey’s Ridge)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC
telephone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla/ Duck Location and Area

Corolla Duck Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (in the blue kiosk next to the pizza place)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina

Braids: A fun way to spend an afternoon in the Outer Banks

Braids are an excellent way to do something a little different on your beach trip to the Outer Banks. Combining self expression with just plain fun, hair braids can be as unique as you are. At Life on a Sandbar there are a number of options for you to do.

Outer Banks Braids Braid Styles in OBX

Major braid styles

There are a few principle options you can choose when you are opting to braid your hair.

Feather Extension

One is a simple colored braid called the feather extension. This is a really fun, non committal way to have style without a drastic change to your hair

Corn Rows and Hair Wraps and more extensive styles

If you are looking for braids that are a little more prominent, then hair wraps and corn rows are a good choice. These are a great way to have a whole new style.

Hybrid Braid Styles

You can also do multiple variations on these styles. Some people have chosen to go with partial corn rows while leaving their current style in place.

Have questions about Braids?

Come visit us or give us a call at one of our two locations:

Nags Head, OBX location in the same building as Kitty Hawk Kites
Phone number :(252) 449-9066
3933 S Croatan Hwy,
Phone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla OBX Location in the blue Kiosk
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla,
telephone: (252)-453-0809

Braids In The Outer Banks

Decorative Braids in the Outer Banks

On your Outer Banks visit prepare to see different braid styles on the beach and around all the towns from Duck to Kitty Hawk. This young lady is styling on her trip to the Outer Banks. Like so many other braiding styles, this is an excellent way to be creative. At Braids by Life on a Sandbar there are scores of styles you can choose from.

Braids on top

Notice how the braids are on the top of the head. The bangs and back of the hair are left straight. You can experiment with different looks to find one that is your own.

Braids Outer Banks Braids in the Outer Banks.

Looking for more information on Braids and Braid Services in the Outer Banks?

 Braids Outer Banks By Life on a Sandbar

 Life on a Sandbar has two locations to help you find your braid style:

Nags head/ Kill Devil Hills Braids


Braids by Life on a Sandbar (next to Kitty Hawk Kites/ across the street from Jockey’s Ridge)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC 27959
Phone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla /Duck


Braids by Life on a Sandbar (look for the blue kiosk)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina 27927
Phone: (252)-453-0809


OBX Braids

Braids OBX

Braids For the Whole Family

A trip to the Outer Banks would not be complete without the whole family getting braids. This family went all out. Mom got a feather extension. Big Sis got corn rows and braids. The younger sister got corn rows. Something for everyone!

Unique Corn Rows

The two ladies also opted for corn rows on one side. Just another way you can blend braids with different hair styles for a truly unique look. Life on a sandbar specializes in braid styles in the Outer Banks.

2 Places for Braids In The Outer Banks

With 2 locations, we can braid your hair, whether you are in Corolla, Duck, Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores or Kill Devil Hills. The only limit to what we can do is your creativity and imagination.


OBX Braids OBX Braids for the entire family.

Braid Services available in the Outer Banks

Nags Head/Kitty Hawk

Nags head/ Kitty Hawk Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (next to Kitty Hawk Kites/ across from Jockey’s Ridge)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC 27959
telephone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla/ Duck Area

Corolla Duck Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (in the blue kiosk)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina 27927

Styling With Braids

Aren’t these two sisters really cute. Love their matching dresses.

braids outer banks braids done by Life on a Sandbar in the Outer Banks

One got the cornrows and the other a hair wrap. We hope to see them again this summer at life on a sandbar, either in Corolla or Nags Head. 252-449-9066.

Styling with braids on your visit to the Outer Banks

What better way to “dress up” in the Outer Banks than with a colorful sun dress and some new braids. These two girls are stylin on their visit to Nags Head with different braiding styles

Looking the same…being different

These two sisters decide to wear cute matching dresses but let their individuality show with their hair. The older sister opted for corn rows. The younger sister got a hair wrap and feather extension. Braids make a great souvenir for the kids to remember their beach trip for weeks to come

Time for Braids!

We cannot wait to braid your hair when you visit us in Obx. There are lots of styles to choose from including hair wraps, feather extensions, and corn rows.

2 locations for Braids

Nags head Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (next to Kitty Hawk Kites)
3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC 27959
Phone:(252) 449-9066

Corolla Hair Braids by Life on a Sandbar (in the blue kiosk)
807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina 27927
Phone: (252)-453-0809

*looking for braid tips? Check out our pre braid visit tips.

Tips For Braids in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

 Untangle your hair

One of the best things you can do before getting your hair braided at

Outer Banks Braids Hair braids in the Outer Banks

one of the Outer Banks Braid Stores is to make sure your hair is detangled. Focus on full detangling. That means make sure you work from the root to the end of the hair. Focus on removing any knots.

What If My Hair is tangled on my braid visit?

One drawback of having tangled hair when braiding is potential damage to the hair. Braiding tangled hair could lead to breaking or splitting. Braids on healthy detangled hair will look better and last longer.

outer-banks-hair-braids-15 Obx Braids

Looking to braid on your Outer Banks or Nags Head visit?

If you are looking to have braids in your hair consider a visit to Life on a Sandbar. Not just can we braid your hair for you but we can answer your questions. Contact us if you want to know the best things you can do before braids.


Where to get braids (locations)

Life on a Sandbar has 2 Outer Banks locations

Corolla Hair Braids (in the blue kiosk)

807 Ocean Trail ,Corolla, North Carolina 27927
Phone: (252)-453-0809


Nags head Hair Braids (next to Kitty Hawk Kites)

3933 S Croatan Hwy, Nags Head, NC 27959

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Braids by LIfe on a Sandbar Braids By Life on a Sandbar